Brigor & Thandril Hit the Shelves!

Brigor & Thandril Hit Store Shelves!

Tire Bees Publishing


Our new book, Brigor & Thandril: Skeleton Trouble, by Ian Blackthorne, is currently available at major retailers nationwide!

Of course, you can purchase the book on Amazon:

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It's also available at Abe Books:

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And many other online retailers.

Brigor & Thandril: Skeleton Trouble is the perfect chapter book for your 7 - 10 year old. Featuring high fantasy adventure, Brigor, a dwarf, and Thandril, a forest elf, have their hands full when they discover a horde of undead skeletons. What other creatures are waiting in the shadows as the heroes make their way down the mountain? And why do all the skeletons have glowing green eyes?